Monday, July 1, 2013

Take Action!

During the month of March, our One Little Word prompt was to Take Action with our word.  My word is TODAY.  For me, this meant setting a deadline for a project I wanted to finish.  It meant vowing I would take the time (even 15 minutes) a day to spend creatively.  It means I need to utilize those early morning hours when the house is quiet or stay up 15 minutes later at night to get something accomplished for me, not the home or my family.

I am actually going to use this prompt for the month of July.  I am hoping that this idea of intentionally making time every day for my creative side will help me make it a habit. What do you do to stay creative or make time for yourself?


Cindy deRosier said...

Good for you! Scheduling creative time is so important. I get up by 5:00 so that I have about 1.5 hours myself, which is the bulk of my creative time.

MamaBirdy said...

So I get up at 5 everyday (same time as my hubs), but I do not feel very creative at that time. What gets you motivated to get started in the morning?