Thursday, February 2, 2012

My New Craft Corner

I moved in to my new craft corner over the New Year's holiday. I hadn't planned on it, but when I was given the gift of "Twelve" and it started January 1st, I had to get a move on.  I forgot to take a "before" picture, but it wasn't much but a mess.  I had a whole room that also contained a desk, a printer cart and a bookshelf.  It was really challenging for me to condense everything to a mere corner.  So, this is the "after."  It is now located in our playroom.  Note the little desk next to mine, it's my 4 year old's.  He loves to craft and loves to sit next to me to work on his latest glue filled project.  I had to get some better lighting in there, too.  With the dark green paint and high ceilings, it was impossible to craft at night.  Even harder to look through my white cabinet (hard to see, but it's to the right of my chair).  So far, this new arrangement has been wonderful for me.  I can see the kids play in the yard, I can supervise them in the playroom.  I have also started following the motto that Stacy Julian gave us in class, which is, "Don't go to bed without a page in progress."  I try to leave out photos and some paper every day.  It has worked well for me because I spend most of my time in the kitchen or the playroom anyway. I catch myself walking past and looking at what's on my desk for a few minutes or so.
I know this is not a YouTube worthy scrap space, but I am grateful to have a home big enough that allows me a corner of my own.
Thanks for looking!

P.S. Just don't look in my son's closet ;)