Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Good Morning, Baby

Sunday morning was like any other morning. I woke up, had a cup of coffee, checked my email and got up to get my little bird as he called down the hall his daily, "Ohhhhhh Mommmmmy!"  I walked to his bedroom door that was shut and suddenly remembered something that was on our agenda for the day.  Putting the toddler bed together for him.  Our junior gymnast has, surprisingly, not tried to climb out of the crib.  It was a matter of needing to free up the crib for my mobile niece that I care for during the week.  He is ready anyway- he thinks he is 2 going on 9 in so many ways.  
So back to the moment in the hall.  It hit me, this is the last time I will go to get one of my own out of this crib.  This is the crib that all my babies have slept in (once they got out of our bed!).  This is the crib I laid next to when my oldest had his seizures and I was terrified to leave his side.  The crib that was barfed, pooped or peed in.  That held little guys with ear infections up all night.  It's the crib that would hold my sleepy little ones as I sang Happy Birthday to them on the morning of their first birthdays.  It's the crib that has been assembled and disassembled 3+ times.  It's the crib that held tiny baby boys as they grew into sturdy toddlers that greeted me with a smile, hug and kiss each day.
I open the door and there is my little bird, smiling and sleepy eyed.  Crazy hair and revving up to go.  It's one of my favorite parts of the day.  This busy boy is so cuddly and affectionate when he wakes up!
But I realize, I have had my time to be a parent of a newborn.  I'm going to travel into a new season of life, just as he is with his new bed and maybe even potty training (!).  Now I get to sit back and watch others go down this path and I have the experience and maybe some wisdom to offer along the way.  I am sad about this milestone, but I am so happy I have had the blessing to enjoy the gift of being entrusted with children three times over.
Now on to saying goodbye to diapers...