Sunday, September 19, 2010

Growing a Baby

As previously posted, I am in fact, growing another child. I am entering my 13Th week today. I am also hopefully entering the second trimester with that supposed relief from all day sickness and the burst of energy that comes with it. I'm waiting....

If you know me, you know in my mind I wasn't done with 2. My hubs was. I was turning 35 and time was ticking. I know women have children much later, but I am not that woman. So, when a few weeks after my birthday I had an inkling I might be with child, I was scared. I knew that I had wished for another, but this was a real possibility. This was a surprise to us, I mean as much as it can be (no TMI here). I kept telling my hubs that I think I am, I think I am. And then I waited and waited to take a test. Torture for him.

So when it was positive, I wasn't surprised. Just, once again scared. Until I read a post somewhere about a similar situation. A woman talked about her experience and it spoke to me. She talked about looking at her newborn and knowing that someone, somewhere knew that the time was right for this baby to be conceived. Even though at the time, the parents were newly married and still working out the beginnings of marriage. There was a reason. I know this is true for us too.

I think as soon as this morning sickness passes (worst I've EVER had!!!) I can really wrap my head around this. I mean, we found out, moved and I got sick all in the same time frame. Yesterday I started working on a pregnancy scrapbook and peeked at maternity clothes online (I'm already showing). I think it's starting to sink in and I think, no I know, I can't wait to meet this little guy or gal. Think Pink.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer is over...How did that happen?

Today being Labor Day, I thought it would be a perfect day to review our fabulous summer. All the fantastic trips we went on. All the trips to the museum, the park, the beach. All the cook-outs we had. All the scrapbooking I caught up on. All the digital pictures I organized on the computer.

Oh wait....

Well, we started off good. We did go to the park and beach. I started those digital pictures. Then about two weeks or so into summer vacation, life happened.

We found a nice, big house for rent down the street from where we lived. Buying was becoming a stressful nightmare. We woke up from the nightmare and decided to check out the said house. So, at the beginning of August, we moved. Now my guys can ride scooters with abandon, use sidewalk chalk and Laugh Out Loud without being shushed, glared at or given another citation for doing so.

About 2 weeks before we moved, life threw us another curve ball. And another life. Yep, it's true. #3 is growing as we speak. (Will approach that subject at a later date). And because my body is good at this baby business, it shows the love by making me extremely sick. Like, I can't leave the house or get off the couch/bed/bathroom floor sick.

I feel really bad for giving my kids a summer that didn't go as planned. Nothing ended up as planned this summer. But at the same time, my boys got to spend lots of time just doing things with their daddy, going on a first father/son camping trip, eating countless meals in our first backyard, hanging out in the garage, enjoying their dad's cooking and grocery shopping buys, taking an art class and going on neighborhood adventures.

Hopefully, soon, we will be back to "normal." Whatever that means...