Friday, December 24, 2010

3 Boys

This was the scene on my kitchen table last week. My older son spent his time before school planning out a very detailed war. There is always a war, battle or attack going on in my house. This setup was picture worthy to me. It was the moment I think I realized this is my a mama to almost 3 boys.
While I may never have tutu's and mother/daughter mani-pedi's, I'll have tons of energy and laughter in my house, Lego's to dance around and a vast knowledge of Star Wars guys. And of course, lots of sweet cuddly moments from my little men.
Oh and the hope for a possible niece someday...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm (mostly) Back!

After 21 loooonnnnnggggg weeks, my body has decided that food is not the enemy and maybe I don't need to carry plastic bags where ever I go. I have hit the 25 week mark in my pregnancy today and I not only feel much better, but hungry like never before. That queasy feeling does make it's appearance, but only if I let myself get hungry. Which doesn't happen often, since I am always eating.

My family has the head cook of this operation back. I cook every night again. I cook breakfast- a lot. I have been baking. I have begun a new relationship with my slow cooker. I am trying really hard to eat protein and iron rich foods to deal with this cursed anemia that wipes me out.

I must put cream cheese on everything. It's wonderful. It's amazing how great you feel when that horrible sickness that consumed your every waking hour is gone. You see food in a different light.

Now I'm starting some new little lovelies of pregnancy, but all I have to do is reflect on what I've been through and they seem small. The heartburn is worth the price to pay to eat enchiladas with hot sauce again...