Thursday, June 27, 2013

20 Years Ago (#TBT)

20 years ago this past week, I graduated from high school.  While it wasn't the best years of my life, I do have some fond memories of time spent with friends.
I was an average student that didn't work as hard as I could of.  Once I got to college, I got straight A's.  I was not into clubs or sports, but now I enjoy belonging to crafting groups and running.  I was the girl that wore lots of black and pale makeup to go with my Doc Martin's.  Now I'm the mom sporting flip-flops and badges of my little leaguers.  I was the girl ditching pep rallies, not cheering on the cheerleaders and dance team.  I was the quiet, shy girl.  Now I can be shy and quiet, but I have definitely come out of my little shell.  I had terrible skin...well, some things don't change :)
Anyway, I haven't spent too much time reflecting on this milestone, except with the occasional reminder that the big reunion is coming up.  A few times I considered going, but the more I thought and read about it, I realized that is an expensive party for people that really weren't my friends.  Of course with the wonderful invention called Facebook, I have reconnected with those that meant the most to me in that time frame.
No, I don't have the glamorous job, wear designer clothes or have traveled the world.  I don't have a fancy house or had the opportunity to go away to college.  But I did fulfill my dreams of teaching, for many years.  I am a mama and a wife.  Most of all I have love in my life. My home is happy and we are happy.   I am exactly where I am supposed to be at this time with the people in my life that are supposed to be here.  I would probably like to see some pictures or hear a story or two from the party, but I am living my best years so far RIGHT NOW.

My BFF, Shannon and I

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Cindy deRosier said...

"My home is happy and we are happy." No one could ask for anything more!