Monday, October 4, 2010

Lost: My creativity.

One of the hardest things I've had to deal with lately, besides the daily puking and all around yuck I've been feeling, is losing my interest in anything crafty.

We moved in our new home and I started unpacking my supplies, excited to get back to it. Then the overwhelming queasiness and tiredness took over and I haven't returned. Well, a couple of times I've attempted, but it wasn't what it used to be.

Now, my stash is sitting in mixed up piles around the room, waiting. The new Cricut I received for my birthday is there to greet me when I walk in and walk back out. You can almost hear it sigh.

The most I've done is make some finger puppets and goodie bags for N's birthday and started a pregnancy scrapbook for #3. That's it. I participated in a soon to be aired project with some fellow crafters, but the whole time I was hoping that I would make it through without incident. Oh and I made A CARD at a CTMH open house. Wow.

I am sort of jealous reading through some of my favorite crafter's blogs and FB to see what they are making for Halloween. I don't even know where my scissors are. I've missed out on some fun crafting opportunities simply because I just can't right now.

Crafting, especially scrapbooking, is my favorite me-time activity. Anyone that knows me, knows this. My new me-time activity is sleeping or making a permanent imprint of my arse on the couch because I'm too sick to move.

I'm hopeful that one of these days I'll wake up feeling better and the Crafty Fairy will have sprinkled me with glitter in the night and I'll be ready to crop. Well, I guess it has cut back my crafty spending...


Laura Bray said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I hope you'll visit often. Did you have your baby yet? I had my daughter when I was 35 and everything went fine, so don't worry!

MamaBirdy said...

I just hit 25 weeks today, so I have a little ways to go.
Having a baby at 35 has been so different than it was when I had my first 6 years ago! At least I feel smarter and more confident this time around. :)