Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Traditions

Do you have any summer traditions with your family/friends?

I got to thinking about this as I started planning a fun-filled summer for my easily bored, little guys. Summer vacation started this past Friday, but summer starts officially today. And what better celebrates the taste of summer than ice cream. Better yet, (in my house) frozen yogurt.
So I am starting a new tradition and doing something crazy with my family-having fro yo for dinner. My 6 year old thinks this is crazy and rebellious. All the reason more to do it. I am a very picky mama when it comes to what my boys eat, so I'm letting loose.

I strive hard to create experiences and traditions for them that will last them a lifetime. Most of my memories of summer consist of babysitting my brother and then step-siblings. Staying inside all day, watching hours of cheesy movies and doing chores. Good times.

There are some good moments/traditions that I remember and still enjoy. My birthday is near the 4Th of July, so I would get to celebrate with family on the 4Th , complete with fireworks. I waited for what seemed like hours as my dad made homemade ice cream on the driveway. Last summer our family attempted making it in a Ziploc baggie. Once the frostbite passed, the ice cream was yummy.

I hope my boys remember their summers as fun, carefree times. I hope they appreciate that I was so excited for school to be out, just to spend more time with them. Most of all, I hope that they enjoy our traditions enough to do it with their children someday.

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