Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Summer Goal

I love scrapbooking. I hate my system of photos. It's not even a system. It's a disaster.

Ever since our first digital camera, it has been a nightmare to find the exact picture I want. Way back when, I printed pictures on our home printer. These pictures are now purple, if there is any ink on them.

Then came Shutterfly, Snapfish and other printing services. I swear by these. Printing at home can get expensive and I just don't see the quality I see through these services. I am always watching the deals on these sites. They do offer some good deals. You know you order a lot of pictures when they offer you free albums, prints and gifts for being a loyal customer!

Well, anyway, about my goal. I want to organize all of my digital prints and save them in 3 locations. I have too many and I know this, but I think I can do it. I even started and completed 2 whole photo cards. Yay!

And summer vacation just began...

p.s. I mysteriously received a magazine yesterday. A crafting one. Wonder who sent it? A blog reader that saw my wish list perhaps???

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