Tuesday, April 10, 2012

12 Update

I am feeling a little behind in my "Twelve" class lately.  Stacy says we are never really behind and I am trying to stick to that philosophy.  Besides, I'm already so many pages in to this year than I typically would be, so that counts BIG in my book.

Baseball started and then a round of illness hit us, so scrapbooking and the class took a back shelf.  The inspirational emails are "piling up" and my Inspiration File has been neglected.  I am a couple months behind on Triggers and Storytelling. Yikes!  This kills my overachieving-student spirit.

Well, today is a new day.  One of my best crafting buddies is coming over for a Spring Break craft session.  I hope to get some pages knocked out and get the enthusiasm and excitement back for this awesome class.

I find once I get back to my craft desk or do some reading on the class, I am pumped back up to create, create, CREATE!  What gets you back into the groove when you've had a break?

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Susan said...

I'm proud of you for how much you have already accomplished! I had a great time today. Love our chats and its a bonus when I actually get something done. Today was win-win. lol. As for getting back in the groove, it can be anything from an idea a friend shares to seeing something online or in a magazine to hanging with friends.