Monday, January 10, 2011

Happiness in 10

  1. A good nights sleep (without needing to get up to use the bathroom)
  2. The excitement of my son going on a field trip
  3. My little guy surprising me with a freshly picked weed from the yard.
  4. Leftover pizza
  5. Seeing a baby bassinet in my bedroom
  6. Walking into a clean garage
  7. The sun shining on my belly
  8. The silence of naptime
  9. Watching N paint and glue
  10. Finding some easy looking recipes for homemade soup


ilovecwbyz said...

Love the background. Since you had fresh pizza instead of leftover for lunch today, does that count towards number 4? And we sat on the patio for lunch so that takes care of #7. (unless you mean shirt up, sun on tummy) And you weren't home for number 8 so that one can be checked off too. lol

MamaBirdy said...

Thank you for commenting :)
Saturday was another day of happy.
Except for those little girls terrorizing that other little girl.

Laura Bray said...

My daughter is going on her first field trip next month. I'm not excited, I'm anxious. The bus trip, in public in a big crowd of kids with people I barely know watching her...UGH! I know I'm being crazy, and I'm trying to grin and bear it around her, but inside, I'm screaming!

MamaBirdy said...

Oh Laura! I know the feeling! Everything you said is exactly how I have felt with my son's trips. He did the library last year, but this recent trip was ALL THE WAY to Long Beach to the aquarium. You don't know how hard I wanted to take my younger son to the aquarium that day! After he got back I asked him a million questions, down to who took him to the bathroom, but he hates to be bothered with questions like that.
It's so hard for me, but I know he is excited and happy to be with his friends.