Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm (mostly) Back!

After 21 loooonnnnnggggg weeks, my body has decided that food is not the enemy and maybe I don't need to carry plastic bags where ever I go. I have hit the 25 week mark in my pregnancy today and I not only feel much better, but hungry like never before. That queasy feeling does make it's appearance, but only if I let myself get hungry. Which doesn't happen often, since I am always eating.

My family has the head cook of this operation back. I cook every night again. I cook breakfast- a lot. I have been baking. I have begun a new relationship with my slow cooker. I am trying really hard to eat protein and iron rich foods to deal with this cursed anemia that wipes me out.

I must put cream cheese on everything. It's wonderful. It's amazing how great you feel when that horrible sickness that consumed your every waking hour is gone. You see food in a different light.

Now I'm starting some new little lovelies of pregnancy, but all I have to do is reflect on what I've been through and they seem small. The heartburn is worth the price to pay to eat enchiladas with hot sauce again...


Laura Bray said...

When I was pregnant, I had horrible heartburn-no matter what I ate. Try some mango (you can buy it sliced in jars in the produce section). Eat it before meals and the enzymes will help with the heartburn. It really helped me.

Glad to hear you did your children's play kitchen! My daughter is keeping hers neat too. Have we finally hit on a way to motivate them to be organized?

Have a Merry Christmas!

MamaBirdy said...

Mango, huh? I'm going to have to pick some up!