Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How much do I love the "Snorkel" line from Cosmo Cricket?

This much...
Yep, I framed 3 of my favorite papers and put them on the wall. My boy's bathroom is a bright, under-the-sea theme. I have a very hard time finding the right wall art/decor and since we've lived here a year and a half, I thought it was time to decorate.
I got the idea from Disneyland. I believe it was in the baby changing room that they framed paper or wallpaper. How easy is that? You never know where inspiration will strike!


Susan said...

Nice follow through on your plan to frame paper.

Fre$h as $he Wannabee said...

WOW you are so creative!!! such an awesome idea!!! framing easy yet I would have never thought of that :)..