Saturday, January 30, 2010

EEEK! A Mouse!

Happy Weekend!

So I had a dreaded mouse run-in today! We had some family over for lunch and spent a lot of time outside playing 20 (!) square hopscotch, amazing at Nolan's hoop skills and fun in general. Well, everyone went home or in the house except Murray and I. We were talking about "stuff" and then as I was looking at her, a little furry white and black creature peeked out from the chair under her legs. The rest was a blur! I really can't remember what I said or did, except yell for my hero with a broom and no fear of rodents! Somehow we made it in the house, embracing and I was closing the blinds to protect the children (me) from the extermination that was about to be taking place. The mouse (which was not small, according to hero with broom) met the broom face to face (or bristle and handle to neck) and is now resting eternally in a box in the community pool's trash can. Yes, hero with broom knows my fear of even a dead mouse and took the corpse to the furthest trash can. Or he knows I would rather stockpile trash until trash day instead of the possibility of running across the dead mouse, in a box, while opening the trash can. Yes, they can still scare me when dead and defeated. So that was about 2 hours ago and I'm still recovering.
See, we had a mouse invasion in our house in the Fall and I have not recovered. Give me a spider, a roach, a billion and two ants and I'm fine. Give me the thought of a mouse and I'm done. It ruined me for a few weeks and I am still paranoid as ever. They literally made little holes in my walls! No, not the cute ones with matchbook beds and tiny lamps, but really ugly holes. (Thanks, Sue...still makes me laugh) I think I was feeling better and braver, but this has set me back a few months. Damn.


Mary said...

I'm still shaking myself! I do wish it hadn't been Stuart Little who had his life cut short. Thanks again to the hero with the broom. Fast on the field, fast with a broom.

Susan said...

M I C see you real soon
K E Y why? because we like you
Ya'll shouldn't make your house so inviting!