Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Work It!

Have you been looking forward to summer and days by the pool?  What about running your first 5k?  How about just getting fit for yourself or your family?
As much as I want to do all of these, time isn't always on my side and going to the gym is just not in our family's budget.
My brother, Chris, introduced me to Insanity with Shaun T. (yes, that's what he calls himself.  And yes, he speaks in the third person!) about a year ago and I loved working out to the DVD's.  Challenging, energizing and I sweat more than when I run!  Unfortunately, my brother moved with his family to Northern California and took Shaun T. with him.  He started working out on a regular basis and has done fantastic with his weight loss goals- he just ran his first half-marathon over St. Patrick's Day weekend!
During his journey to a be a fit dad and husband, he discovered Team Beach Body, which is associated with Shaun T.'s workouts and many others you may have heard of (P90x, anyone?). He is now a Coach and truly inspiring!
But back to Shaun T....One day, Chris sends me a text and tells me how Beach Body will now provide many of their popular programs, including Insanity, through a subscription streaming service.  No more DVD's, no more excuses and back to what has been the only program to truly motivate me.
I signed up last week and I already feel like a new woman!
I just wanted to share this service with you because 1.) It's cheaper than going to the gym (from what I hear) and your Starbuck's habit and 2.)  You can try it out for free for 30 days  3.)  Chris is starting a Facebook Group specifically for the launch of this new program to get you motivated and moving!

Here's Coach Chris to tell you more:

This program gives you the chance to bring your workouts and meal plan ANYWHERE with a WIFI connection, so we are taking the risk out of missing your workouts or having to lug around your DVDs!  You get to be part of an amazing Club Membership program, have access to life changing workouts and nutritional systems for every fitness level, whether you are a lifelong gym rat or just starting out.  As part of the launch group you will also be able to try out brand new work out programs before they hit the shelves.  If you are like me, I am a big fan of OPTIONS which makes me so pumped about this OnDemand program because the options are truly endless as to types of workouts, types of virtual trainers, and gives you such a huge variety to choose from.

I will be working with each person in our group to figure out the best route to take with using the OnDemand system so we can get you to reach your personal fitness, nutrition, and health living goals.  You can do a whole program, we can work together to set up a hybrid schedule where you can pick and choose the workouts you do, etc.  So many options and I guarantee you will NOT get bored with your fitness or nutrition with this group.  

If you want to be part of this awesome group starting on April 1st, simply go our Facebook event page and RSVP.  I will reach out to you to share how you can get in the select launch group to try out this new program.  The benefit of being on your launch team is that you will gain access to these workouts for 30 days for free!
There is only one today, don’t waste it.
Coach Chris

I'm in and I would love for you to try it out! Please let me or Coach Chris know if you have any questions about this program.  And please don't feel like you can't do it- you can modify the exercises for your fitness level.

Hope you will check it out!

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