Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Things I'm Working On

I'm working on cleaning out the garage for a garage sale.  I am realizing it will take me more than a day to accomplish this!

I'm working on sorting through baby clothes and gear.  We are not having anymore babies, so it's time to let these items go.  It's hard, so hard.  I was able to give our crib and changing table to a family that was in need.  I plan on keeping a few items, including the boys coming home outfits.

I'm working on sprucing up a few areas in our home.  I started with our art supplies and moved on to the laundry area in the garage.  I spend A LOT of time doing laundry, why shouldn't I make it cute?

I'm working on embellishing tote bags for the library books for the boys.  I was gifted some adorable cowboy fabric a year ago and was waiting for the right project to come along.

I'm working on planning some special birthday celebrations.  Two milestone birthdays are coming up and I hope I can help make them memorable.

I'm working on moving my body in exercise again.  I have really let this area of my life go.  And my sugar addiction is in full force again.  And I know exactly why.  More on that later...

What are you working on?

(inspired by Ali Edwards)


Cindy deRosier said...

I'm working on balance. Time as Mommy, time as a wife, time as an employee, and time as me. It's an ongoing challenge.

I've embraced my sugar addiction and have no desire to work on that. ;)

Michelle Tercha said...

Very inspiring. Great list. Michelle t

Elsa Balsz said...

Working on de-cluttering my small home as well....starting with the girls room.