Thursday, October 25, 2012

My First Kit for Kit-Tastic

I just completed May Flaum's class on BPC called, "Kit-Tastic."  It was a four-week online course designed to help you use your premade or store bought kits to the fullest extent and also make good use of your stash.  Today, I want to share the first kit I made, including the pages and cards I created from it.  This kit was purchased at a warehouse sale for Colorbok last year.  I was really drawn to the homemade feel to it- the stiching and embroidery hoops.  So this is the kit I came up with:

I used the premade kit and added my own elements like cardstock, buttons and ribbon.  From this kit I made these:

 I was very pleased with how much I used up this kit!  I have very little left over and won't feel so guilty if I don't use anything else up from it.
Thanks for looking!

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