Friday, December 16, 2011

I Don't Craft Well Under Pressure

It's that time of the year when my inbox and all the blogs I read are filled to the brim when Christmas crafting ideas.  As a lover of crafts, you would think I would be inspired and love all the holiday goodness that comes my way.  But honestly, I don't.
Christmas is not my favorite holiday, first of all.  I like it, but I don't like the stress, the money spent, the greediness of it all.  My family is not super religious, so my feelings aren't based on belief.  It's just, well, a lot of work.  I try my hardest to see Christmas through my children's eyes and that is was makes it enjoyable for me.
I used to try and craft for the holidays, at least one or two new ornaments or decor.  This year, especially with having a baby, I decided to ignore the craft sales and ideas.  I know I won't have time, so I don't even peek.  Besides, I'm always stressed about finishing a project on top of the other Christmas activities we have to complete.
I did make one item, early on.  An advent activity card set for my family.  It has been the best Christmas craft I have ever made!  I feel like each activity helps me get things done as well as gives them something to look forward to everyday.  But that's it.  Nothing else.
Without the pressure of holiday crafting, I was able to finish 20 ATCs for a trade due in January, continue organizing my digital prints and make some birthday cards.
My crafting time is so precious and so small.  Why waste it on unrealistic expectations?


Susan said...

Wow. Its awesome that you have come to those conclusions.

MamaBirdy said...

I enjoyed not having the pressure this year. I wish they would have all the sales and ideas and such come out in like, July.

Susan said...

Maybe semeday...... lol