Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mama's Day

Happy Mama's Day!

I am trying to ignore the growing amount of Lego's on my living room floor as I enjoy some (almost) guilt-free time on the computer and hopefully get some (almost) guilt-free time in the craft room.

This is a page I made back in 2004 for my first Mother's Day. There's my tiny newborn, now a big 7-year-old. He made me a Mama that year and I wanted to remember how special that first Mother's Day was for me. We went to walk on the Balboa Pier and get milkshakes. I was new at the BF'ing thing and I tried it on the pier. Of course, a huge gust of wind came in and blew off the blanket I was trying to cover up with. What a day. I have to say I'm MUCH more confident in my nursing skills and WAY more experienced with a newborn!

Last year for Mother's Day, I received a necklace from the boys. Since I am known as "Mama Birdy" around these parts, the necklace they gave me had a Mama Bird and two baby birds. Well, just a few months later, we found out we were adding another bird to our "nest." This morning I was surprised with a giant paper crown to wear and a new necklace with one more baby bird added to it. Love!

Today I am thankful for the many women in my life: The one that gave me life, the one raised me as her own, the others that have cared for and loved me just like a daughter, the ones that dream of nothing more than to be a mama and the ones that will be a mama someday.



Susan said...

Glad to see your necklace is now up to date!

MamaBirdy said...

Me too! It's kinda blingy now with the extra bird. Notice the hair now?