Friday, March 26, 2010

Kindergarten and the Prom

I did not grow up here in Yorba Linda, I grew up in Orange. We were certainly not well off, nor were the populations of the schools I attended. All of my friends had working moms, just like me. Outdoor Ed. and the annual carnival ('member those goldfish that would die by the time you got back from buying a bowl for it?) were pretty much the highlights of your elementary school career. Good times. But, oh, that's nothing now...

I attended a meeting this week for the annual Kindergarten Ball at my son's school. It started off great- info about the committees that would be formed, the "vision" of the party, etc. But then the speaker got very serious and said she needed to warn us of a few things. Last year, some children received corsages and boutonnieres from their parents. Okay, whatever. Big fancy party. Oh and some arrived in limos. Um, excuse me? My mom friend and I looked at each other shocked. I think I went into tunnel hearing at that point. Mom friend said, "What do they do for prom? Come in by helicopter?"

We were also informed that the girls are usually very dressed up for this event. I need to check out tuxedo rentals, apparently. More (entertaining) importantly, what are the moms going to wear?

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